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Thursday, April 18, 2019

Can Antitrust Law Rein in Facebook’s Data-Mining Profit Machine?

Facebook engaged in an elaborate bait and switch on user data: Privacy disappeared when competition did. Laws governing competition could change that.

Greening Monetary Policy

Monetary policy favors carbon-intensive industries. Time to stop doing that.

Festering Brexit

Even though the Good Friday/Easter weekend is coming up and Brexit matters are thus in low gear, the UK still seems stuck in its pattern of confusing motion with progress. A short list of updates: Labour-Tory talks still going nowhere. I’m not sure it would be progress even if the negotiations were going somewhere, since […]

Why First Amendment “freedom of the press” protections are far broader than most Americans realize.

Today’s Water Cooler: China trade, Q1 Democrat fundraising, Biden, Buttigieg, Sanders (FOX, CAP, taxes), Trump, Pelosi, reparations, industrial production, housing, AirBnB, Huawei, Kropotkin on climate, ridesharing and traffic fatalities, dairy farming, Game of Thrones, cats and dogs

China’s once-hefty current account surpluses are falling away. What are the implications?

Mourning Notre Dame

A few sad words about the loss of Notre Dame.

How to Win: Lessons from the Zad

Members of the Zad engaged in a nearly decade long, successful commual effort to block the construction of an airport near Nantes. But what happens when you win?

Sanders Takes the Campaign Against CAP to Eleven

Sanders takes off his gloves.

Today’s Water Cooler: Biden and brokered convention, Buttigieg and South Bend, Booker’s crowds, Harris’s book, Sanders vs. Neera Tanden cage match, Trump could win, Yang, voting machines, manufacturing, Panasonic, Uber, Amazon, Tesla, Japan Display, average warming, cursive handwriting

A proposal for a revised terminology climate change opponents.